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iPad mini 6 has some issues: Here it is

iPad mini 6 has some issues: Here it is

The screen of the iPad mini 6, the tablet released last month During California Streaming Advertised not quite jofel. In addition to Jelly Scrolling, there is another problem that consumers face.

On platforms like Reddit and YouTube, users have reported an amazing discovery. iPad mini 6 screen discolors and distorts when using the touch screen with certain settings. Something that usually only happens when the consumer presses hard on the screen.

iPad mini 6 has problems

Online reports about the problem and it turns out that Apple has already replaced certain models. Benjamin Hobbs took the time to properly map the problem. He posted a video on his YouTube channel that clearly shows what’s going on.

When using the iPad mini 6 vertically, with dark mode enabled, the problem is even more pronounced. We see the problem mainly appearing in the Notes app and the Files app. As mentioned, it seems that someone is pressing too hard on the screen, but make it clear to all consumers that this is not the case.

jelly scroll

As mentioned, this is not the first problem that iPad users face. iPad mini 6 also suffers from a problem called Jelly Scrolling. This simply means that the screen does not interact at the same time as a whole.

So when you hover over a page, the right side of the screen moves a little faster than the left side. That can make the screen look crazy, although you have to have a trained eye to get annoyed with that.

Curious how much other iPad mini 6 scores? Be sure to read the review I wrote about the Apple tablet. You can do this via this link.

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iPad mini 6 screen problems seem bigger than expected

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