December 4, 2022

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Videoland V2, better late than never

Videoland V2, better late than never

Videoland was a mess. Regular crashes, illogical menu structures, and always messing around when you want to pause something. It wasn’t the most user-friendly app, but Videoland wants to make up for that. It comes with Video Country Version 2. Is it really better? We discuss it in the application of the week.

Video Country Version 2

Videoland is RTL’s live streaming service. So you can check out advanced shows like Lego Masters, as well as watch specials like Temptation Island. However, there are also great series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Love Life. It is one of the most popular Dutch streaming services, but that does not mean that it has only Dutch content. And: It’s RTL’s streaming service, but it’s definitely not just RTL that matters.

Nice streaming service, but that hasn’t always been this good in recent years. While it is undoubtedly not easy to create an app from a streaming service, Videoland was very unfriendly to the user. This is partly because red is used too fanatically in the menu: that’s why you often didn’t know where your “pointer” was. The app was also crashing regularly and it was always a bit cumbersome to pause or roll something back. In terms of design, the app is also a bit outdated as of now.

Duplicate in Play Store

So it’s time for a new app, and it’s been around for a while. For both cell phones and televisions. It’s a little weird: you can still download the old app in the Play Store, as well as the new Videoland V2. However, if you open the old app, you’ll see a screen that will refer you to the V2 variant of the app, without being able to proceed to that first version. Note: You have to sign in again if you want to use the new app, so make sure you have your password. It’s a little strange that not only is there a major update rather than a new app, but maybe this is also some kind of marketing to say goodbye loud and clear to what was.

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With the renewed app, Videoland promises a new design, less chance of interruptions, live watching and more options for kids. The new design in particular stands out: the images are much nicer, there are special circular buttons with what will soon be shown in Videoland and everything is much clearer and quieter and it simply works a lot faster. Videoland V2 is really V2: it’s really a new version of the app that looked so old. Videoland V2 can best scale with other streaming apps like HBO Max and Netflix. It looks really good.

running app

Reviews in the Play Store do not lie: casting does not work, black screen, subtitles cannot be found … So far, however, we have not encountered any serious malfunctions, we only see the submit button that works, the translations work and we get a black image. Some hiccups, for example, in the fight between Badr Hari and Alistair Overeem, which is a major event on this Saturday night. It’s always milliseconds, but it’s annoying. Of course, the app won’t always work like a charm. With this second release, Videoland may have done a smart job of handling its launch in a big way, just to make consumers aware of the new app. Although in our opinion it should have been less complex than a new application to download.

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Video Country Version 2

Video Country Version 2

Videoland is RTL’s live streaming service. You can also look away from programs like Lego Masters, as well as watch specials..

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