February 26, 2024

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Formula 1 viewing figures in the US will continue to grow in 2023

Formula 1 viewing figures in the US will continue to grow in 2023

Despite repeated claims that the game is boring this season, America’s ratings don’t show it. In 2023, only one team walked away with trophies, but that didn’t stop American fans from getting involved.

2023 is a unique season in the sports industry. Red Bull Racing has broken McLaren’s record for most consecutive wins in the current season, although there are no fights for wins. Additionally, Max Verstappen has won no fewer than ten of the first twelve races and at Zandvoort he could match Sebastian Vettel’s record. So it’s an interesting season, especially for the record books.

Looking at the stats

Especially in America, Formula 1 has grown tremendously in recent years. There were fears that fans would leave if Red Bull Racing’s dominance continued. This is evident from the research of Racer There should not be a case. During the Grand Prix weekend in Belgium, the US broadcaster (ESPN) averaged 1.17 million viewers. This is twelve percent growth compared to 2022. Additionally, 492,000 fans aged 18-49 watched. That’s the sports focus group.

Growth compared to 2022

The first half of the 2023 season delivered an average of 1.24 million viewers per race. It is a total of ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC channels. This average is higher than in 2022, when around 1.21 million people tuned in to the Formula 1 show, which was already the highest average for Formula 1 in the US.

Most Viewed Species

The 2022 Miami Grand Prix tops the list of most watched races in the United States. 2.6 million fans from the United States watched the race. This year, the race in Miami was the most watched Grand Prix with 1.96 million fans. Monaco follows with 1.79 million viewers and the race in Montreal is third in 2023 with 1.76 million viewers.

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