July 12, 2024

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Four Limburg companies are among the fastest growing companies in the country!

Four Limburg companies are among the fastest growing companies in the country!

Who are the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the country? This classification will be announced on October 26 during the grand awards ceremony. Competitors include two Genk companies: Bullswap and MobieTrain. In addition, a “Rising Star” is also selected from among the 10 finalists: a promising technology company that has been in operation for less than 4 years. Here too there are two competitors from Limburg: PerfectID (Hasselt) and Optiflux (Houthalen-Helchteren).

It’s actually simple: Deloitte collects company data for all Belgian technology companies and then determines who are the fastest growing companies based on sales volume. The top 50 on the list will be honored, after which a number of specific winners will be nominated for each category. There are two contenders from Limburg for the main prize:

Bull exchange, the platform where industrial machines and large construction machines are offered for rent, so that optimal occupancy can be achieved. The founders are Janice Falkeners, Laurence Opitek and Michele Vandeweer (photo). Genk recently welcomed a new customer who will build the Oosterweel connection and organize machine management via Bullswap.

Mobi Train Limburger is second on the list. This platform trains employees on all kinds of topics via a mobile app. A useful tool for organizing training and continuing training. CEO Jay Van Neck was previously awarded Rookie of the Year by Made in Limburg.

2 Limburg rising stars:
Companies that have been active in the technology sector for less than four years are included in the Rising Star category. On September 20, 73 Rising Star nominees made an initial pitch to a judging panel of industry experts from Deloitte. Ten companies reached the final, including 2 from Limburg. They will be invited to present their pitch again to the Rising Star judges on October 26. particularly:

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Perfect ID It is the company of serial entrepreneur Mark Stracks. From his office in Hasselt, he works on Palmki, an easy-to-use biometric identity verification technology. In human language: a device that scans the palm of the hand, thus providing access to locations, machines, data, time recording, payments, etc.

Optiflux Niels Bessemans is a company based in Houthalen-Helchteren. The company has developed innovative storage technology used to monitor, control and manage modern storage facilities for fresh fruits and vegetables.