May 28, 2024

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Frank Verstraeten is organizing a huge party at Flanders Expo next year

Frank Verstraeten is organizing a huge party at Flanders Expo next year

Next year Frank Verstraeten will be organizing a big event with a big light show in Ghent. © BELGA

No, the zillion won’t come back. But the success of the film of the same name and its accompanying parties planted a seed in Frank Verstreten’s head (53). Next year, the former owner of the disco will organize a major event at the Gent-Flanders fair, entitled Projexxx.

Wout Desmytere

Earlier this month, Verstraeten, who now supplies Pixelscreens worldwide with LEDs, hinted on his social media about a sequel to Zillion Parties. As he put it, he has no ambition to “bring disco back to life twenty years ago.” So there’s no New Zundays, but rather a sequel to Antwerp Waagnatie’s hit Four Zillion gigs.

“Today’s guys might be a fan of the ’90s and nills, and it wouldn’t be a retro party. It would be a contemporary interpretation of how Zillion, if it still existed in 2023, would be made in look and sound. The focus is on great light and LED display. Musically, it will be given a sound That time also had a fresh but recognizable look. Not nostalgia, but innovation.”

Projexx will take place on Friday 3 February 2023. Tickets and event information can be obtained at zillion. xxx.

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