July 21, 2024

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Climate activists praise Klimt’s work in Vienna

Climate activists praise Klimt’s work in Vienna

In Vienna, climate activists threw liquid black at the plate dead and life by Gustav Klimt. Known business was not damaged.

“Do we choose death or do we choose life,” shouted activists protesting the use of fossil energy. They believe that the Austrian energy company OMV is trying to calm their conscience by sponsoring exhibitions like this one. That’s why they stained Klimts death and life with black liquid.

In response, Hans-Peter Weeblinger, director of the Vienna Leopold Museum, said that the painting would not be damaged by this work. Like the previous “attacking” panels, it is behind the glass. So the list is sound, too.

Climate activists’ concerns are legitimate, but attacking artwork is the wrong way to achieve the goal of preventing the predicted climate collapse. Museums are institutions of preservation and in this sense are an excellent example of sustainability. Museums are a place for meeting and conversation, but also a place for fun and reflection, and an antidote to the hectic pace of everyday life.

In recent weeks, many of the artworks have been targeted by climate activists. This is how activists smeared sunflower by Vincent Van Gogh With Soup and Belgian climate activist Water Mouton tried to stick his head in it The girl with the pearl by Johannes Vermeer.

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