April 21, 2024

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Little Amal has arrived in Antwerp: here you get the male ... (Antwerp)

Little Amal has arrived in Antwerp: here you get the male … (Antwerp)


Little Amal arrived in Antwerp on Friday evening. The giant doll, representing a Syrian refugee girl, will visit Scheldt on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 October. Antwerp on her journey from Syria to England, in search of her mother.

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Here you can see Little Amal today and tomorrow:


– giant come in vRiding day October 8 at 6.30pm to Antwerp. The theater house hetpaleis is the first to draw attention to the story of little Amal.

– Upon arrival at Opera Square She faced her loneliness and the memories of her giant young mother until a procession of children and kites took her to the theater square. There, thanks to the Red Star Line Museum, she got a lucky charm that could solidify her for the rest of her journey.

Little Hope in the Opera Square. © ATV


– employment Saturday 9th October around 4.15pm Meeting with Little Amal De Reuskens van Borgerhout during the closing of the giant procession in Moorkensplein. The procession departs in 14 With over 35 groups participating in Tuinwijk, it passes along the Centers and Turnhoutsebaan and arrives at the County Hall on Moorkensplein.

There the four Reuskens will welcome Reuzin, Kinnebaba, Dolphin and Reus Amal with flowers and a traditional giant dance. Thank you for the hospitality of Borgerhout, she replies with the Syrian dance “dabkeh” she teaches the audience, and Reuskens asks everyone who comes to Moorkensplein on Saturday 9 October to bring a paper rose to the young giant.

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– vs 17 u Little Amal departs for Laar in Borgerhout for the Atlas op het Plein, Atlas annual meeting. while walking on Turnhoutsebaan She is accompanied by artistic birds from puppetbuskers De Wolk from Ghent.

– In the party atmosphere, a choir and musicians on Little Amal will be greeted by music Lar. During this closing moment, Amal receives a parting gift from the city. to me 18 s You go to sleep in the church in Lar. Those who don’t want to go to bed however can enjoy the music and shows during the Atlas op het Plein.