December 7, 2023

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Little hope fascinates Antwerp: the giant brings population migration ... (Antwerp)

Little hope fascinates Antwerp: the giant brings population migration … (Antwerp)


She would not have expected this after defeating Antigone, but Antwerp has become the city of giants. On Friday evening, the city center was windy due to the passing of Little Amal, the only giant traveling on foot from Syria to England.

Patrick Vincent

The Opera Square in Antwerp is so vast and new that it has never been full. But on Friday evening, about half past six, Tram 1 had to go very slowly and ring constantly so as not to disturb anyone as it passed. A large crowd had only eyes on an interesting figure – her height was 3.5 meters – who did not seem to realize what was happening to her before the opera.

Around her dancers were rejoicing and groaning, humming and sighing three singers. From the opera balcony, the girls threw kites into the crowded square.


The giant was called Amal, she was a little girl who escaped from Syria on foot to Manchester. She would close her eyes and every now and then her mouth would open in astonishment at all the people who had come to greet her. Her 9-year-olds, but normal height – and three whistling bicycle cops drove her away from the Opera, through Antwerp’s new tower and new metro entrance, to Leysstraat.

© Joris Heregoods

Because Amal was not allowed to do what the protesters were allowed to do: enter the city through Meir. And like a tour of a bygone era, migration has begun. Everyone wanted to join her, and he wanted to follow her. Far from the other giants of Antwerp, Teniers and Van Dyck, motionless on their bases.

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churning crowd

Amal climbed steadily up to it, surrounded by children with kites and a crowd of whirlpools. It was a sea of ​​people. Think: the busiest sales day and half the Netherlands on top of that. In Inno accordion mode On the purple hess in a. But the children chanting “love”, “life” and “hope” drowned out the musician. More children came from Otto Veniusstraat. I directed her through the house of Robbins, to the theater square.

© Joris Heregoods

There was a crowd larger than hope waiting there, thousands of Antwerpians, with two violinists, a cellist and a double guitarist. They danced, sang and chanted. The young Dernez poet addressed Isohei and condemns the girl with a touching word of welcome. Then it was eight o’clock. bed time.

If you still want to see the Witch’s Hope, you should be at Borgerhout tomorrow.

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