June 5, 2023

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Frenchman Valentin Ferron gains weight making cheese in Paris Camembert Cycling

Paris-Camembert has become the bacon for Valentin Ferron (TotalEnergies). His reward: 67 kg of camembert cheese. Valentin Madouas had to settle for fourth place.

It is known within the TotalEnergies team that Valentin Veron is a cheese lover. He prefers goat cheese, but Veron can also taste a piece of Camembert.

44 kilometers from the finish, Veyron’s stomach is starting to growl today: he’s gone on an adventure with Valentin Madouas.

When 8 stalkers joined the leading French duo, Veron’s hunger was not yet satisfied.

This time he gets Arkea rider Ewen Costiou as a traveling companion. Madawas tried to rectify the imbalanced situation, but was no longer able to move forward.

In the race for victory, Veron never let himself eat the bread cheese. A sweet revenge for last year, when Anthony Delaplace pushed him away from the main prize.

1. Valentine Veron (Fra) 209 km in 5h30’01”
2. Ewen Cousteau (fra) the same time
3. Frederick DeFresens (no) at 15 in
4. Valentin Madouas (France)
5. Guillaume Martin (Fra)
6. Xapir Azparin (spa) 1’05”
7. Elie Gisbert (fra)
8. Nicholas Prudhomme (FRA) 1’19”
9. Rasmus Pedersen (Dun) 2’00”
10. Louis Barry (fra)
25. Lindsey De Wildere 2’17”.

Watch Ferron beat Costiou in the sprint

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