June 24, 2024

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Rotating City – With Haaland again in a leading role – FC Bayern Munich |  UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Rotating City – With Haaland again in a leading role – FC Bayern Munich | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Key moment: Bayern Munich knocked on the door for twenty minutes in search of the equalizer. But the clumsy miss of the ball by Upamecano and a great idea by Haaland decided the match. Silva header reassuringly made it 2-0 after a pass from the Norwegian.

man of the match Play an anonymous game until everything is decided again. Erling Haaland put the show back in with a goal and an assist. Is the double confrontation with Bayern Munich already in the decisive fold?

De Bruyne is disappointed. Kevin De Bruyne’s match ended after 68 minutes. Red Devil slipped and grabbed his knee. Then he was substituted, but not because of an injury. It was a “tactical switch”.

Premieres evening in Manchester.

For the first time, City and Bayern faced each other in the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League. For the first time, Pep Guardiola had to measure himself against his former employer.

And Rodri also wanted to be part of the club. With his first goal in the CL, he put the home team up with roses after a high-quality start. The Spaniard could not hit much more: his curl with the left fit perfectly in the square.

The break rethought Bayern, who grabbed City by the throat for twenty minutes. Even Upamecano’s stutter put Erling Haaland in the spotlight. This phenomenon ended an unknown match with a good marking ball, good for Silva 2-0.

Not the first time: Erling Haaland at that time was in charge of himself. The Norwegian decided the match with his 45th (!) goal this season. He was allowed to triumph – for the first time in his career – over the German record holder.

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Only one contender in Manchester: the surprise replacement of Kevin De Bruyne, who has expressed his displeasure with the Spanish lord’s choice.

Despite City’s downward spiral, who has Bayern waiting for the second leg, that won’t stand in the way of a sweet dream tonight in the semi-finals.