April 21, 2024

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From a viral perspective, you won't relax now

From a viral perspective, you won’t relax now

More relaxation will be announced in a few hours. Virologist and Professor App Osterhaus realize that delaying relaxation for a longer period is becoming increasingly difficult, but he may consider it more reasonable.

Osterhaus finds it difficult to estimate what would happen if society opened up more. But what he does know is that we are not there yet. “This is because of the large number of unvaccinated people.” According to the professor, then it is wise not to forgo all the procedures. Especially with the flu season approaching.

cold virus

But how long will the epidemic last? Will COVID-19 ever go away? “It is not excluded that the virus will return every year, but we do not know for sure yet. There is one virus associated with corona and it has been repeated since its appearance in the 19th century,” Osterhaus says.

“This virus is now a ‘normal’ cold virus. Then you get herd immunity, the virus adapts to humans. The question is how long will it take before this particular coronavirus emerges in this way.” Osterhaus suspects this will not happen overnight.

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There is no scientific evidence

It’s hard to agree or disagree with relaxation processes, says the virologist and professor. “There is little scientific basis for individual measures. Whether to leave the Zandvoort circuit open and not the nightclubs is therefore a political decision.”

But although there is no scientific basis for individual measures, Osterhaus is convinced that caution is needed. He points to the relaxation that occurred in June, which led to a significant increase in infections.

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“Prefer not to relax”

And if you ask the virologist himself? “If you look at it from my career as a virologist, then I know, I’m not saying relax. But I understand that as a politician you are facing a very difficult task.”