May 24, 2024

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The 13 psychological tricks of Mark Root's press conference -

The 13 psychological tricks of Mark Root’s press conference –

Mark Rutte’s rhetoric about Corona is cleverly put together and he uses many tricks to convince us. Cecilia CochiniusSocial psychologist and motivational behavioral expert in the information. He uses a number of techniques to impress us and keep us friendly. And they heard again tonight. the most important:

  1. He compliments us because ‘we’ are doing a good job
  2. We do it “together,” he asserts. “We can only do this together. employment ‘We can only do this with 17 million people.
  3. He confirmed that things are going well. “I want to say here today that I am very impressed with the adaptability, self-discipline and ability to improvise almost everyone in our country.
  4. Elimination of the resistance by saying old news: “As previously announced…”
  5. Sympathy with Resistance:At a time when there was so much sadness, we had to keep our distance.”. “We understand very well that municipalities are questioning how to implement this.”
  6. power argument:OMT is responsible if we work with Corona Entry Card.
  7. Play with pride: “In a mature democracy like Holland with mature and proud people…
  8. Emphasize that the majority adhere to the rules (and that you are the opposing minority)
  9. radiate confidence: “It gives me confidence that we can handle it together.”
  10. sow fear:There are still too many recordings and too many doubts.”
  11. To emphasize seriousness and to communicate this not only rationally, but also emotionally, Rota uses a lot of metaphors. And Hugo de Jonge is used more than that.
  12. We can win if we do what he says, or lose if we don’t. “Certainly, caution now is better than regret later.. “
  13. Establishing a personal relationship: “I also want to go to a festival”
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All the technical tricks were on that night again. It remains to be seen if the weather helps.

Bronn (nen): flattery