March 4, 2024

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From nostalgia to nostalgia + – Radio Vision

From nostalgia to nostalgia + – Radio Vision

With “Music” by John Miles, Johan Hennemann said goodbye to Nostalgia yesterday, Friday 11 August. But not for long: In just under two weeks, on Monday, August 28, it will kick off with a brand new evening rush hour (4-7 p.m.). He will present it at Nostalgie +, Drwhich is slowly growing into a full-fledged alternative as a digital channel.

Johan Hennemann already has a complete resume. It seemed like his voice was always there. In the shadow of the Atomium, he started in 1980 at Radio Relax in Bevel (Nijlen). His career then led him through Contact, Maeva, Mi Amigo, Donna, 4FM, Joe and One to Nostalgie.

John Henman: I did my last show of the afternoon on Nostalgie today, and it didn’t accidentally end with John Miles. “Music was my first love, and it will be my last.” Luckily, I’m far from done singing and I don’t have to say goodbye to my listeners. As of Monday, August 28th (August), I’m bringing a brand new evening jam hour to Nostalgie+ every day of the week.”

“I’m very happy about that. After all, from the very beginning I was closely involved in the start of Nostalgie +, the digital channel featuring the best channels from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s… a really cool thing! I see my new evening prime time as an example of the growing ambition of a channel Nostalgie +, a channel that is clearly on the rise.

Station manager Jo Nachtergaele: More and more listeners are finding their way to Nostalgie +, which was founded in May 2021. In CIM’s last measure, we were already comfortably in the top 5 “digital only” channels. So it makes sense to sharpen our ambitions. Proof is the new program schedule, as we make room for a live evening primetime.”

“I’m sure our Johan Hennemann is the perfect guide during the evening rush hour. He guides our – ever-growing – audience of Nostalgie + through the golden years of pop music. He’s the right man in the right place.”