March 4, 2024

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Musical show ’14-18′ has already garnered 50,000 tickets three weeks after its release |  Showbiz

Musical show ’14-18′ has already garnered 50,000 tickets three weeks after its release | Showbiz

showbizAt the beginning of this month, Studio 100 launched the musical review show “14-18”, which will return in a new version from June 2, 2024. 50,000 people have already obtained a ticket. 10 years after its premiere, the hit musical will be remade at the pop-up theater in Bourse.

“In 2014, 14-18 was our first musical, with over 325,000 visitors. “This musical still resonates with so many people, even now, 10 years later,” says Geert Verhulst, CEO of Studio 100. Years.’ “So we are very much looking forward to bringing this musical back in a new version and in the stunning setting of our pop-up theater in Bourse. The compelling story will take on a new dimension thanks to stunning sets, moving props and lifelike effects.

The musical “14-18” tells the story of World War I, through the eyes of four best friends Jean, Fence, Albert and Camille. They grew up together in a small Belgian village, full of dreams and the future smiling at them. Until they have to leave everything and everyone behind to fight at the front. What is initially considered a short-term adventure turns into a years-long nightmare, during which their friendship is severely tested and a call home becomes necessary.

The cast includes Nils Destadsbader, Gilly Clemans and Jonas van Geel. The script and direction are in the hands of Frank van Lyke, the composition and arrangements are by Dirk Brosset, and the lyrics are written by Allard Bloom.

look. Nils Destadsbader gets the lead role in the amazing musical “14-18”

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