April 17, 2024

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The spiritual side of Charlotte Adigiri and the debut at the Petra De Sutter competition: this was the “smartest person” |  Showbiz

The spiritual side of Charlotte Adigiri and the debut at the Petra De Sutter competition: this was the “smartest person” | Showbiz

She vowed during the first episode of The Smartest Person in the World that she would steal the show, and Charlotte Adigiri has delivered on her promise. On Monday evening, the singer once again showed off eye-catching outfits and also spoke about her fascination with the supernatural. Moreover, Petra De Sutter won quickly, and the jury members Philipp Goebbels and Bocky de Reber – just like our Deputy Prime Minister – made some funny interventions.

A new day, a new confession from Charlotte Adigiri (33 years old). This time it’s not about her glamorous jobs or cute outfits, but about her spiritual side. “I went to a broker,” he said. “It was all pretty crazy. From what I understand, fortune-tellers predict your future, but with the medium it’s different. You feel it and the energy around you. Yes, it seems a bit mysterious. But it’s helped me a lot.”

Although this was not the only story in which Charlotte played a prominent role. For example, jury member Bukky de Ripper said that he has known the Ghent artist for some time, because they have a common circle of friends. And then Charlotte immediately remembers her – ahem – Bucky’s “best” memory. “We were at a party,” she begins. “And in your defense: Maybe you were so drunk that you thought the box was on fire, but you were urinating on the box. Against the sound system. “It wasn’t exactly heroic, because you probably thought something was smoking.” A story that makes the people of Aalst laugh: “oil “Glad that’s the case,” he said. Bucky then admitted shortly afterwards that he had once sold his gallstones as hashish at an Aalst carnival. “I accidentally found out how much it costs,” he said. “So someone tried to smoke me out once.”

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Presenter Eric Van Looy also made a great confession during the “3-6-9” round. He reconsidered the fact that he used Raya, an exclusive dating app for celebrities, for a while. “After I told them here I was about to, they threw me away fifteen minutes later.” Hence, jury member Philip Geubels ruled that “it was not an advertisement for these people”, and that Eric was on it.

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Petra De Sutter made a strong impression in the match. Our Deputy Prime Minister knew a lot, was brilliant – including an anecdote about the tattoo and her punch-up with the judges – and achieved top marks in this episode thanks to a perfectly played video segment. Musician Charlotte Adigiri came in second place, and comedian Jeroen Linders came in third. The latter saw the mood – due to the huge points difference – and seemed resigned to his exit.

In the end, Charlotte’s immediate lead did not prove to be a guarantee of success. During the final, both candidates seemed to suffer from a blackout and could barely find the keywords. For example, the question about Lotte Vanwezemael turned out to be too ambitious for both of them, and Charlotte decided to strategically lower herself. Ultimately, the popular live streaming service in our country was enough for her to advance to her fifth participation. Netflix has decided the fate of Linders, who – like Charlotte – will return in recent weeks anyway.

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