May 31, 2024

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The first resident of Big Brother 2023 must be the first to leave

The first resident of Big Brother 2023 must be the first to leave

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It all started well for 34-year-old Judy Proust from Borcht. Determined to send her opponents home one by one, she was willing to take risks. This is why she was the first chosen by the mission makers for a secret mission. Hours before her fellow residents, the beautician and DJ were already allowed in Big brotherhome, for stealing items such as shampoo and toothbrushes from candidates’ bags. They ended up in a safe and the owners could buy them back. Unbeknownst to them, Judy has obtained a share of the loot.

You haven’t enjoyed it for a long time. Already during the first match, Jodi was caught on a swing by 20-year-old Jason from Holland. When he was later nominated as well, Judy didn’t hide her joy, causing her to lose the sympathy of many viewers. On Saturday night, I had fewer votes than Jason and 66-year-old Dutchman Rob, so I lost to the youngest and oldest resident. Jodi returns home to her boyfriend and their young son.

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