April 22, 2024

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From rain in drop: Tom Dumoulin surrenders at the Giro |  gyro

From rain in drop: Tom Dumoulin surrenders at the Giro | gyro

The Giro continues without Tom Dumoulin. The Dutchman from Jumbo-Visma came to the Giro with ambitions, but also doubts. Soon these ambitions took a heavy blow and Dumoulin also began to suffer with his back. After a difficult start to the 14th stage, the Giro 2017 winner quit.

Dumoulin was counted among the outsiders in this Giro, but followers of the race also put many question marks behind his name. In the Hungarian opening weekend, the trial failed to take the pink jersey from Matteo van der Poel.

And in the fourth stage to Etna, Dumoulin immediately fell across the ice. He wasn’t good at it. He didn’t know what was going on, other than the fact that the hard work wasn’t paying off as well as he had hoped.

He turned his focus to success during the day and was a bit happy that he could help Quinn Bowman win stage seven as a fellow runaway.

Over the past few days, his back has started to play. Today he was unable to follow the peloton in the sharp opening hour of a difficult ride up and down. So he called her to quit smoking.

The Jumbo-Visma team came up with a short announcement: “Tom has been struggling with his physical condition in recent days, hence the assignment.”

Dumoulin: “I am awake and empty”

“The tank is empty,” Dumoulin says. “I don’t really know what to say about it at the moment.” “This is very disappointing. I can’t kick power without injuring it. The model simply doesn’t exist. I don’t currently have an answer to the question why that is.”

“I noticed that I didn’t have the best legs in this Giro. However, I was determined to finish this lap and finish with the rest of the team in Verona. I wanted at least the necessary race kilometers on the legs to get.”

“I’ve strengthened myself every morning to get the most out of it, but I simply can’t do it. The body is currently exhausted.”

Dumoulin now goes home to “give disappointment a place”. “After that, we’ll see more,” it seemed.

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