June 5, 2023

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Standard are putting KAA Gent and Club Brugge under pressure in the battle for the Champions Play-Off

More flames in the stands than in the field. Although this match yielded vital points for the Standard. Competition warned.

The match started with a 16-minute delay. This is because of the traffic misery in and around Liège, but also because the heart of the fans set the stadium on fire. First the Charleroi supporters lit the necessary fireworks and as soon as the countdown signal started it was the turn of the Standard supporters.

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And now it’s football time… That was really the case in the first 20 minutes. Opportunities (small and big) rained down on both sides and I felt every bit the opening goal coming. For a moment, it looked like Sporting Charleroi were going to take the upper hand, but then Standard struck.

Noah Ohio was sent in deep and managed to beat the offside trap. The striker shot from the corner past Kofi and gave the home team the lead. After that, the game quieted down a bit, although Standard were the better team. Although the equalizer was very close… Zorgan with the shot, with a record foot and Bodart’s header in a corner kick.

The second half wasn’t much. Sporting Charleroi had the ball but chances were not forthcoming. Most of the fireworks happened around the 66th minute. First substitute Emond had a great chance, but his shot was too weak, allowing Kofi to beat him. Barely a minute later, the match was stopped after a torch hit the field from a standard section.

It wasn’t that glow that set the game on fire. The script remains the same as before. Sporting Charleroi with possession of the ball and Standard that did or could do little against it.

Then came the fire

It took a while, but then it happened. Marlon Fauci header well and make the record 2-0. Sporting Charleroi’s next attack was pricey. Ken Nkoba with a good shot and brought the guests back into the match. The official playing time was still four minutes, but six minutes of extra time were added.

The light went off and then back at Emond. The striker was able to finish it off and was decisive in winning. Only the striker took off his shirt in celebration. He had already been hit yellow before and was allowed to take a bath immediately.

Thanks to this win, Standard jumped Club Brugge into fifth place and they are level with both KAA Gent (4th) and Club Brugge (6th).

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