April 15, 2024

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From the United States to Italy, to the Vatican leaders: WikiLeaks exclusive documents on the hidden financiers of Catholic extremism

They are coming at the right time. when it is there Italy And such countriesHungary Political and religious wars are raging over the rights of the LGBTQi community. Beyond 17 thousand documents Revealed by WikiLeaks Exclusively with Daily fact, With Spanish and German newspapers General e Toss And the Mexican press Back row They allow to open cracks in the internal dynamics of the radical conservative Spanish Catholic system Make yourself heard And its international arm, Citizen, Against the front row Lgbtqi community, V Euthanasia, Abortion, Women’s rights.

Haste Oyer and CitizenGO are part of the consortium of associations that organize it World Congress of Families (World Congress of Families), held in 2019 Verona And saw participation Matteo Salvini. They are the nursery of Spanish far-right candidates Vox. The files help to detail and document Haste Hoyer’s more than a decade-long relationship with a well-known network from Catholic and Christian rights organizations. United States Up to the Russian UltraConservatives Constantine Malofeev e Alexei Komov.

The importance of these documents also allows them to be reconstructed Donor Network, From the United States to Spain to Italy, and relations with the highest spheres Vatican And the Catholic world is important. Finally, there are files in the database about the worst secret Catholic system Anvil. Daily fact Will be released tomorrow Full investigation based on documents.

As far-right groups have intensified in recent years and attacks on women’s rights and the LGBT community have increased, access to documents is essential. Campaign In support of them worldwide. Public opinion has a right to know where political elections begin, ”he declared Everyday event Icelandic intelligence journalist Christine Hrfnson, Director of WikiLeaks.

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Despite the founder, the system went back to publishing, Julian Assange, Maximum security will be in prison Belmarsh A London. He has been there since April 2019, waiting for British authorities to decide whether to deport him to the United States, where he is in danger. 175 years in prison They allowed the US government to release confidential documents War crimes and torture. Last January, English Judge Vanessa Paritzer He refused to surrender only on the basis of his serious allegations and exclusively Mental health conditions. But the United States has appealed and the first hearing will take place next week. The Life and Freedom of Julian Assange hangs in the balance.