May 26, 2024

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Compulsory Green Pass, Bianchi: Screening program for the whole school population

When Press conference, Live from the Multifunctional Hall of the Presidency of the Council Minister Pianchi Intervened to announce the latest news of his return to class in September and beyond Green bass obligation.

Bianchi said safely about the safety of the new school year The school will continue to open in September And it will be closed only in exceptional cases. The Minister stressed that the use of masks is mandatory for all children under 6 years of age and those who carry out physical activity outside and maintain a safety distance of at least 1 meter.


Further, the Minister adds, “A. School Demographics Program to ensure the safety of allCommissioner Figliulo is working on this. I urge all families to continue to vaccinate their children. We all have to go back to the school where we live in the presence. “

With regard to isolation, Pianchi suggests that if there is a positive person with symptoms of CTS, they should be vaccinated. In isolation for 7 days, Instead of 10.

During questions from the media, the minister confirmed teachers who do not have a green pass They will be suspended and will not receive their salary after 5 days. Bianchi pointed out This is a question of suspension, not dismissal.

Finally, the price was confirmed Quick wipes 8 euros.

All the rules of the Green Pass

Here you need to show the green certificate to enter:

Restaurants and Bars: Certified will be used for drinks on the table in restaurants and bars, where it is not required for over-the-counter service. Owners or managers of services and activities that require certification must verify that access to the above services is in accordance with the requirements.

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Cinema and Theaters: In the yellow zone you will enter with green pass, mask and distance, but visitors can go from the current 1,000 to a maximum of 2,500 and indoors from 500 to 1,000 outside. In the White Zone, where capacity limits are now set, there is an outer roof for 5,000 and an inner roof for 2,500.

Sports: In the white area for sporting events and competitions, the permissible capacity should not exceed 50% of the maximum approved area and 25% indoors. In the yellow zone, the allowable capacity should not exceed 25% and in any case, the maximum number of visitors should not exceed 2,500 for outdoor settings and 1,000 for indoor settings.

Also, this is important UnderlineThat’s it Duty to get green pass Not applicable to everyone within Less than 12 years old – to whom the vaccine is not approved – and “to exempt subjects on the basis of the relevant medical certificate issued in accordance with the criteria defined in the circular of the Ministry of Health”.


Permission is granted to those who violate the rules or do not carry out the tests 400 to 1000 euros At the expense of the merchant and the user. If the violations are repeated on 3 different days, the exercise may be closed for 1 to 10 days.