April 16, 2024

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Hilariteit over magazinecover met prins Harry en Meghan: “Hij lijkt haar kapper”

Fun on a magazine cover with Prince Harry and Meghan: “Hello…

The whole world is laughing with the latest cover of time magazine, Featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They are portrayed as two of the “most influential people on the planet”, but on social media, the British prince is compared, among other things, to a brute and … a former Hollywood actress’s hairstylist.

The magazine revealed the cover of their magazine time 100 With the most influential people at the moment. Meghan Markle appears in the foreground in a white suit and thick hair. Prince Harry is standing or sitting – people can’t tell – back a bit with his hand on her right shoulder. According to some, “to show that he stands behind her and supports her in what she is doing.”

However, criticism of the image is much higher. After all, many believe that the couple looks fake because the photo could have been edited with Photoshop. Prince Harry appears to have plump hair, there is a yellow stripe on his face, which means erasing, and their eyes look ‘creepy’. Prince Harry, who turned 37 earlier this week, has also been compared to a celebrity hairstylist as he appears to push Meghan forward with a fresh and opulent blush and explain in front of the mirror how her haircut came about.

It’s also the first time the couple has been on a cover together.

In addition to the cover photo, Harry and Meghan also appear in a photo inside the magazine. They wear matching green clothes on them. Next to it is a short profile graphic. Written by their friend and chef Jose Andres, whose charity Sussex loves World Central Kitchen and is supported by the Archewell Foundation in India and the Caribbean.

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