March 4, 2024

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Fundaparel: This grand mansion from 1890 in the railway district is now for sale

Fundaparel: This grand mansion from 1890 in the railway district is now for sale

Sometimes you come across homes in Funda with thousands of possibilities. Are you looking for a home for a large and mixed family? Or a home that you can rent out part of? This basic pearl has it all. This is around the corner from Delft station.

This house is not only beautiful, but also energy efficient. The house is well insulated and equipped with solar panels. Delft Center is also within walking distance.

Thousands of possibilities

The attic space has its own front door and is an independent apartment. The space has an open plan kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a loft that can be used as an extra sleeping space. The attic is ideal for adult children who want to live independently, but it is also ideal for renting. The other front door leads to the ground floor and first floor property.

portuguese mosaic tiles

The hall on the ground floor contains Portuguese mosaic tiles, which are also found elsewhere in the house. The hall has French doors to the living room. This space is truly livable. For example, there is an open kitchen, where mosaic tiles return. In addition, a stove is built on a pallet in the seating area. There are also beautiful decorations on the ceiling. The living room has French doors to the large garden in the northwest.

luxury bathroom

On the first floor you will find four bedrooms with a luxurious bathroom in the middle. Portuguese mosaic tiles are also back in the bathroom. There are two sinks, a walk-in shower, a free-standing bathtub, and a washer-dryer cabinet. The largest bedroom on the garden side has its own tub in the room. There is also another bedroom on the garden side, and the other two bedrooms on the street side of the building.

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