December 7, 2023

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Three patients with coronavirus died in a hospital in Curaçao

Three patients with coronavirus died in a hospital in Curaçao

Three patients had to give up their fight against Corona today, and they died in the Central Military Commission. The total number of people who have succumbed to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic is 197.

Ten people are now in intensive care, more than two people yesterday. The Covid ward has 24 patients.

The decrease in the number of new infections did not continue today compared to previous days. 691 people tested positive, 284 more than yesterday. 179 people were allowed to end their isolation, bringing the number of active coronavirus cases to just over 9,000.


The number of infections in Aruba is also increasing after a day of decline. Today, 710 people have tested positive for Covid-19, two hundred more than yesterday.

The number of active cases has decreased – from about 3,700 to just over 3,300, because more than a thousand people have been allowed to leave their place of isolation. They no longer have symptoms of COVID-19 and are no longer contagious.

One patient was allowed to leave the intensive care unit, but there are now four people who have coronavirus. There are twenty patients in the Covid ward, the same number as yesterday.


The number of new infections in Bonaire also increased, albeit slightly. Today, 96 people who have tested positive for the virus have been added. The number of active cases, as in Aruba, increased from 824 yesterday to 787 today. The reason for the decline is the dismissal of 133 people from isolation.

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There are four patients in hospital with COVID-19, one more than yesterday.