April 22, 2024

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Spain lays out a plan to consider Corona as a flu “after the current wave of infection”

Spain lays out a plan to consider Corona as a flu “after the current wave of infection”


In Spain, a plan is being finalized to switch to a different approach to corona, one that is in line with that of influenza. She wrote that this shift would not occur “until the current wave of pollution has ended.” Country.

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Like the rest of Europe, Spain is in the midst of an Omicron wave. It is the sixth wave since the beginning of the crisis, but the restrictions in the country are much less stringent than before. According to Prime Minister Sanchez, this is logical, because in the first wave of Corona the death rate was still 13 percent, while it is now only 1 percent.

Therefore, the country is preparing to consider Corona no longer a pandemic, but an endemic disease after two years. In the summer of 2020, a plan was started for the transition to a new approach. That’s pretty much on the table now.

Just like the flu

In this new stage, corona is considered a disease like the flu. Instead of doing a daily count and report of the number of coronavirus cases, because it is untenable, the numbers for a number of GP jobs and hospitals will serve as a sample. Extrapolating their numbers monitors the spread of disease, just like the flu.

“Due to the high infectivity of the omikron variant, it has become almost impossible to follow current protocols,” said Amparo Larauri of Centro Nacional de Epidemiología. As a result, as in our country, the rules in Spain on high-risk communications have already been relaxed. “With this new reality in mind, we are moving from the overall monitoring phase to the monitoring phase.”

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be cerfull

The plan is almost ready. It has already started pilot projects in primary care in five independent communities, and is already running pilot projects in hospitals in nine communities. “But we have to be careful, do it little by little,” said Prime Minister Sanchez. The new approach will be introduced “not before the end of the current wave of pollution”. Sanchez hopes to reach his peak soon. It’s also something we need to discuss with the whole of Europe. Our health minister has already informed her colleagues of our plans.”

According to Adolfo García Sastre, director of the Institute for Global Health and Emerging Pathogens, the virus is likely to start behaving more like influenza after this wave. “The virus appears to have reached a state of equilibrium, as it has with the influenza virus.” The virologist will currently monitor the infection closely, especially to see when it falls, but then the strict approach that has been maintained for two years can be released.

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