April 21, 2024

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Game Kast: “Sonic is more famous dead”

Game Kast: “Sonic is more famous dead”

E3 will never be the same again, but the best moments from the gaming industry showcase will live forever in our hearts. In Episode 150 (Hurray!) we look back on the glory days of E3 and try to figure out why the magic has gone missing over the years.

After the success of Steam Deck, many companies have already entered the market with their mobile devices. But no one has gone so fast ASUS. That recently introduced the prototype of the new ROG Ally laptop. With a new AMD CPU, a 1920 x 1080 display at 120Hz and the ability to connect an external GPU. That sounds promising! With the necessary price of course. They haven’t suggested it yet. But with the specs already revealed, it’s clear that the portable device won’t sell at the same price as the Steam Deck.

And the news about new mobile devices does not end there. Sony is also said to be working on a new PlayStation, codenamed: Q Lite. This will act as a remote start device for the PS5. Which means you need a PS5 to stream games to the Q Lite. The mobile device will look like a PS5 console. With a 20cm LCD touch screen in the middle. These are the countless rumors about PlayStation hardware in a short time. Sony has yet to announce a new State of Play, but when it comes, they’ll already have a lot to say. In addition to the Q Lite Remote, there have also been rumors in recent months of a PS5 with a separate disc drive, wireless earphones (Project Nomad), a wireless headset (Project Voyager) and a PS5 Pro.

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New street fighter movie

Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind Detective Pikachu and Pacific Rim, among others, will be making a new Street Fighter movie. She announced it on the official Street Fighter Twitter account. With the success of the Sonic movies and the more recent Super Mario movie, it seems that more and more companies are interested in making video games again. At Capcom, it’s possible they’re hoping to get “third time luck” with this new movie, since the previous two attempts (once in 1994 and once in 2009) weren’t well received by both critics and audiences.

Joke got out of hand on April 1! Like Aprilfish, Sega has released a new Sonic game in which Sonic is dead: The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog! The murder mystery visual novel was free to download on Steam. It’s Amy Rose’s birthday in the game and they celebrate it on the Mirage Express with a mysterious murder party that Sonic soon falls victim to. The April 1 joke seems to be very popular with fans, because the game has already been downloaded over a million times. Due to positive reviews on Steam, the game suddenly became the 61st highest rated game on the platform.


Netflix games are also shown on the TV

In addition to its movies and series, Netflix also offers a lot of mobile games. Those who open the application on their smartphone can find it by going to the Games tab. For now, these are just mobile games, but Netflix has plans to bring them to your TV. In the iOS app, a line code was found asking the user “The game on your TV needs a controller. Do you want to use this smartphone as a controller?”. Netflix has already announced its interest in expanding into cloud gaming and in November last year they posted a pipeline of job opportunities for developers to work on a AAA game for PC. This approach will finally increase the number of users who play Netflix games.

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