May 26, 2024

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Gasoline and diesel are getting more expensive, but they are not the same everywhere

Gasoline and diesel are getting more expensive, but they are not the same everywhere

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The price of a liter of 95 (E10) gasoline rose to a new record on Saturday. At the pump, a liter will cost a maximum of 1,799 euros, according to the Federal Public Service Economic Report. This represents an increase of 2.9 cents. Diesel also became more expensive for the second time in a week. However, there are significant differences between the different filling stations.

Thierry Goman

For those who do not have a company car with a fuel card, this will be an expensive joke. A full tank of 50 liters of Super 95 (E10) will cost 1.45 euros more than on Saturday, for 50 liters of Super 98 (E5) you will pay an additional 1.70 euros. And again, diesel has become more expensive. For a full tank of 50 liters of diesel (B7), you pay an additional 1.10 euros from Saturday. These are standard prices.

The previous record for gasoline 95 (E10) dates back to November (1,797 euros per liter), according to data from Energia, the former petroleum consortium. In 2012, more was paid for “regular” gasoline at the pump, but then the old 95 (E5), which is no longer available. This fuel contained less biofuels.

The maximum price of 98 (E5) gasoline also continues to rise: +3.4 cents to 1.908 euros per liter. The record was already broken here at the beginning of February.

For diesel (B7), 2.2 cents is added, bringing the maximum price to 1,838 euros per liter. The price is lower than the record level of 1.85 euros reached earlier this month. The price of diesel fell slightly on Thursday.

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Those who are often on the road can save something or something by seeing where they take the fuel. For example, the Super 95 (E10) is on average the cheapest in Walloon Brabant and East Flanders, says Chris Decroix of, which compares fuel prices. The Super 98 (E5) is usually cheaper in Walloon Brabant than in Flanders, while the average diesel price in East Flanders is lower.

What in my town or city? constantly compares fuel prices. If you type in your municipality or city and then click on the green box, you will see the gas station that offers the cheapest fuel prices.

For example, we see that those who live in Antwerp (prices on February 11) got the cheapest discount on Esso Express in Wilrijk for Super 95 (E10). If you live in Bruges and have a diesel tank, it is the cheapest in Bruges Maes.