March 2, 2024

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“Give a place together”

“Give a place together”

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Students and teachers from a secondary school in Hilversum today reflect on the deaths of Cecil (14) and Livia (12). The two sisters died last weekend in an accident with a wrong-way driver on the A1 motorway.

The sisters were in the car with their parents when they were hit by a 19-year-old Romanian man. The girls’ parents were seriously injured in hospital. They are in stable condition. The person who caused the accident has died.

At Comenius College, where Cecile and Livia attended grammar school, a memorial room was set up with candles, flowers and school photographs of the sisters. Students are given space to mourn and write a message in a memorial book.

Something to hold on to

Specialists from GGD and Victim Support have advised Rector Robert van der Siegde to continue as normally as possible. He says: “We have entered a new reality in which we have lost two students.” New Hampshire News. No matter how difficult it is, it is important for children to find structure and order again. And to give this a place together.”

Cecile was in third grade, and Livia was in seventh grade. “Two smart girls, friendly towards their classmates. Cécile was the class representative,” says van der Sijde.

According to the school principal, the sisters’ father is now conscious. According to a family spokesman, he is now aware of the death of his children.

Sadness and dread

Victim support was present at the school throughout the day, for students and teachers. Students continue to be given space to talk about the loss of their schoolmates.

This was not the first time the students had come together. Parents and students also gathered last weekend.

Hopefully for dashcam footage

The cause of the accident is not yet clear. The perpetrator died instantly and the police were unable to speak to him. “Witnesses were able to say something, but not specifically about the behavior of the Romanian man,” police said yesterday.

Police are hoping there are people with dash cam footage that will provide more clarity about what happened. Witnesses to the accident on the A1 motorway are advised to contact Victim Support.