The English-language Studium Generale Human Rights for a Future will be organized live on Wednesday, December 8th from 4pm. Discussions began with human rights defenders from different countries. For more information, see: #Human rights for the future.

Write for Right: Amnesty International’s Writing Campaign

December 10 is International Human Rights Day. And every year on that day, Amnesty International organizes a letter-writing campaign for people who are being threatened, imprisoned or unjustly convicted. For example because they defended their rights. Millions of letters and cards are protested against this, and it is something that has an impact every year. Through a large number of messages, AI reports that many people have devoted time and attention to this issue. This incites the authorities to change and gives courage to the people being defended.

Shelter City’s guest, Mohammed from Gaza, is also coming to the library. He will speak twice (at 11 am and 2 pm in the library theater) about human rights in his country, based on a few short films. He works for Maslak, an Israeli non-profit organization established in 2005 to protect the freedom of movement of Palestinians and Gaza residents.

The writing campaign will take place at the Deventer Library (Stromarkt 18) starting at 10am and ending at 4pm.

physical or digital

Of course, agreements were made with the library in connection with the corona (setting writing tables, 1.5 meters apart, mouth covering, etc.); Any additional and/or additional government measures are being closely monitored. Would you rather not go to the library because of Corona? You can also respond effectively to online injustice. You can sign a letter at lightning speed via the AI ​​website. Amnesty International prints all letters and sends them to the authorities. Or easily send a card online to one of the people Amnesty is taking action for this year. This gives them the courage to keep going.

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