October 7, 2022

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Top athletes can also refrain from corona: Belgian Kat Hahn ...

Top athletes can also refrain from corona: Belgian Kat Hahn …


Hanne Mestdagh has been in quarantine since Tuesday after a Belgian cat tested positive for the coronavirus. And this pollution is having its effect at the present time.

Vincent van Gensten

“Fortunately I have no symptoms and I feel fine. I am grateful for that because my health is the most important thing.” The 28-year-old wrote From Polish Lublin on her Instagram page on Wednesday. But since then, it has only started to go downhill.

“The third and fourth day. The last two days have been miserable,” Mustadagh said on Friday. “All the symptoms are there: fever, cough, sore throat, chest pain and of course no taste or smell. Thank you all for all your sweet messages. I see them passing by and I appreciate it. Stay safe! “

Mustadagh also says she currently “doesn’t want to do anything” at her residence in Poland, where she has to stay until December 8. “At the moment, he often gets sick. I sleep a lot. Every now and then I watch an episode on Netflix, but that’s it. On my first day in quarantine, I had no real symptoms, so I did yoga in the morning and studied for the next test. But this did not last long…”

Colleague Kat Julie Vanlow was also placed in quarantine for ten days after contracting the Corona virus. The bouncer was at the hotel for a while and spent the rest of that time at fellow Cat Kyara Linskens’ apartment. Meanwhile, she is back to rejoin her Russian club Ennisy Krasnoyarsk.

Vanloo was hoping she wouldn’t have “a major problem breathing” during her first training session, but that turned out to be the case. She also suffered from severe headaches. However, the Belgian cat is in check to relocate to Samara, where there will be basketball on Saturday at 1pm.

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