March 5, 2024

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Glowi leads Motmans & Partners

Glowi leads Motmans & Partners

Glowi HR and Facilities Services Group, which includes Het Poetsbureau, has acquired Motmans & Partners, the renowned recruitment and selection firm from Hasselt. The goal of Glowi owners Jo Mellemans and Elly Huysmans is to expand HR services into a comprehensive, comprehensive offering. The selling party, namely Geert Motmans, Lisbeth Vandenrigt and Eric Colemonts, invests again by investing in Glowi's capital.

Glowi, headquartered in Beringen, is the largest private employer in Flanders. The group is putting forward an ambitious growth strategy. With the goal of becoming a comprehensive national player in HR services, the acquisition of Motmans & Partners, a leading recruitment, selection, executive search and talent development firm, has just been completed.

The two companies have chosen deep and meaningful cooperation, with confidence in the future. This also translates into the commitment of Liesbeth Vandenrijt, Geert Motmans and Erik Colemonts to participate in the capital of the acquiring company Glowi.

Joe Millemans, CEO of Glowi, concluded: “This acquisition strengthens our position in the HR sector and opens doors to new opportunities. We look forward to a successful joint journey, joining forces and making progress in an ever-changing job market. The vision emphasizes the importance of a candidate-oriented approach and disposition.” Optimize our customers' burdens.

“Together with Motmans, we want to expand and diversify our activities. We have discovered a strong synergy, which allows us to collaborate on a broader scale and delve deeper with more expertise to meet the growing demand for compliance” our clients must comply, emphasizes Hanna Spieben, CEO of Glowi. This is why we are joining forces.”

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“As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe in the benefits of this synergy with an innovative company that shares the same core values,” emphasizes Geert Motmans, Managing Director and Founder of Motmans & Partners. “Entering into partnerships and collaborations with parties with the same vision enhances our flexibility and enables us to expand our leadership position in Market all over Flanders.

“In a volatile and complex world, quality and a customer-oriented approach are essential,” says Lisbeth Vandenrigt, Managing Partner at Motmans & Partners. “This is Motmans & Partners’ choice to compete and grow.”