February 27, 2024

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Can you also rent a heat pump soon?  In the Netherlands it is possible for less than 50 euros per month  My guide

Can you also rent a heat pump soon? In the Netherlands it is possible for less than 50 euros per month My guide

LiviusI have been able to rent solar panels for some time now. Additionally, home battery rental formats have been available for some time. About that we wrote newly. Heat pumps have recently become available for rent. This is how Eneco helps our northern neighbors. Will this soon be possible also in Belgium? Livios construction site It comes true.

Sustainable, but expensive (in the short term)

A heat pump heats three to five times more efficiently than a boiler. It is therefore a sustainable solution for heating your home, but unfortunately its price is very high. Depending on the type of heat pump, you can count on 6,360 to 23,320 euros, including the reduced 6 percent VAT (still valid until 31 December 2024) and installation, excluding any heat emission system (e.g. Underfloor heating).

Add to that electricity prices, which are 3.8 times higher than natural gas prices, and you have a large investment that is very slowly recouped. That's why heat pump sales have almost completely stopped. But Eneco has a solution available, at least in the Netherlands.

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Rent as an alternative

Recently you can rent hybrid heat pumps from Eneco in the Netherlands. The hybrid type is an air-water heat pump that is combined with a gas condensing boiler. An air-water heat pump extracts heat from outside air to heat your home and sanitary water. If it's too cold outside, your gas condensing boiler will come into play.

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The cost of renting a hybrid heat pump from Eneco is €49.95 per month, including maintenance, basic installation (plus any additional installation costs, depending on the home) and 24/7 assistance in the event of breakdowns. As a customer, you must already have the boiler. You lease the heat pump for a minimum of 18 months.

When is a hybrid heat pump a good idea? We go to options.

Is it really cheaper?

Purchasing and installing a hybrid heat pump will cost you at least €10,653 (including VAT). In fact, you have to spread this cost out over 20 years, since a heat pump typically lasts that long. Moreover, in Flanders, for example, you can get a premium via My Renovation Premium of up to at least 2,000 to 3,200 euros for a hybrid air-water heat pump at home (depending on your income category). You must apply for this premium no later than December 31, 2025, because after that it will be lower. The premium amounts to a total cost of 7453 or 8653 euros: 372.65 or 432.65 euros per year and 31.05 or 36.05 euros per month.

We have not yet taken into account the fact that you recoup the investment in the heat pump. This is currently happening at a very slow pace (it usually takes more than 15 years), because the price of electricity today is much higher than the price of natural gas. But this must eventually change, Sam Hamels of Ghent University noted earlier.

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Also possible in Belgium?

Ultimately, the advantage of renting is that you don't have to pay the investment amount for the heat pump and install it all at once. So we have to ask the question: can you also rent a heat pump for your home in Belgium?

Well, this practice is not widespread yet. For example, you can do this in NIBE, but for 99 euros per month. This costs twice as much as Eneco, and without the installation costs. This makes investing on your own more interesting. Eneco itself does not currently plan to rent heat pumps in Belgium, but says it is examining all options.

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This article was written by our partner Livios.be, a specialist site focused on construction and renovation.