June 17, 2024

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Good conditions for meteor watching

Good conditions for meteor watching

Weather conditions are looking good for stargazing in the coming days! Photo: Marcel Renault

The Perseid meteor shower peaks overnight from Saturday to Sunday. There is still a chance of a few showers on Saturday, but it will get drier during the day with more clearance. Also on the night until Sunday, there appears to be a possible evacuation, with shooting stars clearly visible.

It’s been a long time since a favorable star appeared on the show. The Boötids meteor shower in January was the last great opportunity to see many shooting stars, but the clouds threw a wrench in the works. During the Perseids, the weather picture looks much better.

The weather conditions are not ideal on Saturday morning, because the rain is moving over our country and therefore it is also cloudy. There is good news, however, because during the morning it will be drier than the Southwest with ever-widening clearing.

There is also a mixture of clouds and highs in the evening and at night, which is a positive for spotting shooting stars. The clouds present are likely composed primarily of veil clouds, with the night sky still visible through the thinning cloud cover. The moon isn’t much of a distraction this time either and is about 10% illuminated.

Most of the falling stars are at night

If you want to see the scenery, you have to stay up late or get up early. Peak is on Sunday 13 August at 04:00. At that time, there are 44 stars per hour! If you look to the east or northeast, you have the best chance of spotting a shooting star.

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Not only during the prime night, but also during a number of nights around it, there are more shooting stars than usual. So if you don’t have time in the night from Saturday to Sunday, choose another night to go stargazing with your photo camera. The weather picture also looks quite favorable in the days after Saturday with a mixture of clouds and broad clearance. So there will be enough moments to enjoy this meteor shower.