April 21, 2024

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New single Joey Valence & Brae

New single Joey Valence & Brae

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Joey Valence & Brae’s first album will be out in less than a month. The American duo was one of the discoveries at Pukkelpop 2022 and completely turned the elevator upside down with fiery hip-hop songs a la Beastie Boys. Since then, Valence and Brae have not been idle and have toured European concert clubs, for example, and released a series of new singles. Not all of these new singles were always attractive, but we still feel like Joey Valence & Brae is building momentum again. Villain tactics Hopefully, it will live up to expectations on September 8th. If there are still a few GUMDROPs left to be found, all will be well.

Anyone who’s been following Joey Valence & Brae’s social media in recent weeks will immediately recognize bits of “GUMDROP.” The duo mainly plays on energy with their “GUMDROP” and cements that with a playtime of barely 69 seconds. Like a hyperactive bouncing ball, Joey Valence bounces in almost every direction with his raps, while Bey’s role is less prominent this time around. The fact that the beat production contains characteristics of both UK Jungle and dubstep contributes to Joey Valence & Brae’s blistering blast. It pops, and coaxes, in this new short from the American duo.

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