October 4, 2023

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It’s the crisis in Rainbow Six: Extraction thanks to a new event

Spillover, Rainbow Six: Extraction’s first post-launch event, now available through March 10. The event introduces a new challenge, a new way to level up, and a new challenge for experienced players.

In the Crisis event, players will encounter a new routine, revealing that the enemy is evolving just as quickly (or even faster) than was originally feared. Reaction hasn’t stood still, though, develop solution agent containers to lure and kill enemies, and enlist Zofia’s help, players may know from Rainbow Six: Siege.

With a grenade launcher and survival skills, the 18th game launcher is a welcome addition, which also introduces a new way of leveling up. Each customer now has their own level, so focusing on a specific group offers long-term benefits such as new containment areas, operators, customization items, new interaction technology, increased difficulty, and more.

In the short term, logging into the game during the event is sufficient. After all, you’ll get Auto Turrent, a new example of REACT technology to back you up when water is on your lips.

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