June 17, 2024

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Google discontinues free old version of G Suite, moves users to workspace – Computer – News

I have taken it myself for a long time; Then instead of a self-hosted mail server.

I’ve put five “users” under it for different purposes. 1

Of these users is only intended to create an alias for each website if you register. This way I can always track who leaked my email to the spammer.

Another user has nicknames for my bank accounts. These are only used for banking and are not recommended. Thus, “Bankmail” that accesses other accounts is phishing or advertising and is automatically deleted.

Then there are my “regular” email address and finally two addresses for the volunteer jobs I do.

This is all within my own domain, under which I previously hosted a server myself.

I actually don’t feel like hosting and securing the server again, I just stopped because it became too much work. But if I see that I can pay for a workspace for 5 users with this setup, it will be goodbye to Google.

Hopefully there are already people on the forum who have good alternatives. I also want to think carefully and look for alternatives. Anyway, the requirement for me is that I can transfer the domain and all email addresses and aliases. If it has to be done manually once, I can live with it ;)

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