November 29, 2023

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Google Home is now a complete remote control for TV

Google Home is now a complete remote control for TV

The Google Home app can now also act as a complete remote control for non-Android TV TVs. You can, among other things, adjust the volume, view the channel list, or choose a different HDMI input. Change is coming now.

Google Home TV control

Those who have a smart TV with Android TV have been able to for quite some time Google TV app or Google House Use it as a virtual remote control. This time, Google has also treated a remote control for other smart TVs, users reddit notice.

Popular TV brands like Samsung and LG work with their own Smart TV ecosystem, and until recently you could just turn these TVs on and off using the Google Home app on your phone. Thanks to an update from Google Home, these TVs now also work with a full virtual remote control. You can adjust the volume there, turn the TV on or off, mute the sound, there are play and pause buttons, and you can change channels or the HDMI input.

This interface is different from the Android TV remote control. The Android TV remote can browse the interface, but this does not work on TVs that work with another platform.

Screenshots: “u/PhilStation” (via Reddit)


Google was in August 2022 Announce that Google Home smart device control will be revamped. The new remote appeared to users via a server-side update, meaning they didn’t update the Google Home app themselves. So it may be a few days before you see that new remote control. All users who have already been shown the remote have signed up for the Google Home Preview. We explain here How can you register.

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Google is currently working on a completely new look for the Google Home app. This makes the application compatible with the new application matter standard for smart home devices. in this interview You will learn everything you need to know about the material. Do you already see the Google Home remote? Let us know in the comments.

Google Home is now a complete remote control for TV