May 28, 2024

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Google improves app findability for tablets and foldable devices in the Play Store – Tablets & Phones – News

Google will be making some changes to its Play Store in the coming months that will make it easier for users to find apps that are optimized for tablets and foldable devices.

According to Google, Play Store Three major updates To improve app findability for devices with large screens, such as tablets, foldable systems, and computers running Chrome OS. For example, Google makes adjustments to rank and promote these types of apps. These apps are then recommended to users with a tablet or Chromebook and also appear prominently in search results. “High quality” applications are prioritized and Google outlines the requirements for this qualification for large screens, such as offering landscape mode.

The App Store will also receive notifications of apps that don’t meet the basic requirements for large screen compatibility. Users of tablets and ChromeOS systems are being warned in such a way that some apps are not easy to use with their devices. Google promises that more updates will follow in this area.

Finally, Google is adding the ability to display app ratings and ratings by device type in the Play Store. In addition to tablets, foldable devices and ChromeOS, this also concerns wearables and cars. These reviews should give the user an impression of how the app works on their device. Google added recently More attention to Android on tabletshaving been reducing product category exposure for years.

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