May 29, 2023

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Google Meet makes background effects more interesting

Google Meet makes background effects more interesting

An added bonus: The new Google Meet update uses 30 percent less power from the processor, which benefits your laptop battery.

Google Meet has made a major update which gives you better background blur. Anyone who uses the function regularly knows that it doesn’t always work flawlessly and sometimes it hides things well or not. The filter often goes wrong, especially when someone passes in the background or when you make hand gestures or move yourself.

With the new update, these issues should largely be gone. When the background is blurred or when a background image is used, you will now be clearly identified within the space. Below you can clearly see the difference before and after the update.

Notably, Google has greatly improved the feature while also reducing CPU consumption by 30 percent. Ideal for those who have many video meetings on the go with their laptop.

Google emphasizes that Enhanced Separation from Yourself only works for now with a blurry background or when poor lighting conditions are set. The feature will roll out to all other securities later this year.

Google Meet and Duo are in the middle of a file important integration into a single application. Duo is now called Meet While Google Meet systematically inherits new features from Duo. The final migration from Duo to Google Meet will follow later.

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