June 20, 2024

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Goosebumps with André Hazes and the ambiance of Bart Peeters: These are the cool covers from the first "Best of Me" |  TV

Goosebumps with André Hazes and the ambiance of Bart Peeters: These are the cool covers from the first “Best of Me” | TV

TVWhat are De Kreuners’ top five hits according to Fleming average? We found out on Tuesday night on the first episode of “The Best of You.” In this new music program from VTM, eight artists or bands are surprised by one-of-a-kind private concerts, where five of their most popular bandmates present their own jacket. In the first episode, Andre Hazes, Jay Swinen, Mauro Paulocci and Bart Peters performed for these amazing covers.

Finished in beautiful 5th place ‘wake me up’, a song that appeared on the 1990 album Hier en Nu. André Hazes was honored to give the song his own unique look, giving each member of De Kreuners goosebumps.

In fourth place was Leila. A song from 1982 that Walter Grotters wrote for his daughter. Jay Swinen provided an English version of it. Knowing that Axel Pelemann hates literal translations, the singer literally translated the first sentence. But after he shook the roof, he was long forgiven.

The top three opened with “She has style”. That song was featured on Nachts Kouder’s Dan Buiten album from 1981. Mauro released a rock version with a sexy guitar solo. Talk about a musical gift.

Finished in second place In love with Chris Lom, song written by Walter especially for actress Chris Lum. As a 9-year-old, he absolutely loved it. Equal idiots brought loud guitars and put the song in a hard rock jacket

Best song for my kryoneers? This, of course, became “I want you.” Bart Peters has been honored by tackling the #1 song and turning it into a super popular version.

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