May 26, 2024

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A British minister goes crazy in a nightclub: "People are above...

A British minister goes crazy in a nightclub: “People are above…


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Gorgeous photos of British Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove have emerged at a nightclub in Aberdeen. At two in the morning, he shows his best dance moves and comes out two months after his divorce. in a Good morning Britain A singer says it shouldn’t be: “Leave the nightclubs to us guys.”

Michael Gove has no picture of being the biggest lunatic in the British government. As a result, many people were surprised when some of the attendees filmed the minister showing off his best dance moves in an Aberdeen nightclub at 2am.

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Dance arts also led to an animated discussion on the Tuesday morning show Good morning Britain. Among other things, it was about the idea of ​​depriving people over the age of 40 from access to dance halls. “Excellent idea,” says 22-year-old singer Talia. “The older ones should leave the clubbing to us, the younger ones,” she said. “I’m 22 and I don’t want to see my dad and his friends or even my grandfather at the club. I just don’t know what the guys have in common with them. Do they know the hits of the moment? Clubs with low entry fees and cheap shots leave it to us youngsters. They have many options to get out. In the evening “.

It was opposed by Tony Blackburn, the 78-year-old DJ who encourages seniors to stay welcome in clubs. “Michael Gove was clearly having a good time. I don’t understand why you shouldn’t be allowed to go to a club over 40, that is ridiculous.”

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