July 16, 2024

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Great price for such a giant.

Great price for such a giant.

Our car tester, Rutger, drove the Peugeot e-5008 across Sweden. How do you like the 7-seater electric car?

If you want to travel long distances electric with more than 5 people, or have a hobby that takes up space, but don’t want a van; is the Peugeot e-5008 a good choice?

Peugeot has invested heavily in a new electric architecture for its cars. The e-3008 was the first car to sport it. We drove it earlier this year. Bottom line: a great electric car with good range and a nice interior. It’s not a competitor to the Chinese and certainly not to Tesla, but it’s a nice car in its class. In my opinion, the e-5008 solves a number of the e-3008’s problems and with its extra two seats it has another important advantage.

Really spacious

The e-3008 is a big car, but that doesn’t translate into oceans of space in the back. The STLA Medium platform may have been developed for electric cars, but it wasn’t developed exclusively for electric powertrains. Hybrid variants can also be built on it. As a result, that big nose makes no sense for an electric car driver. There’s no frunk and length sacrificed in terms of interior space. That’s still the case with the 5008, but that car’s wheelbase has been stretched by 8 centimeters. The roofline has also been extended right to the rear. As a result, the headrests in the 5008 can be fully raised, while in the 3008 they stop in front of the upholstery before being fully raised. The rear passengers are thus more spacious. The middle seats can also be moved on rails. That way you can sit like a king with 5 people, or “comfortably enough” with 7.

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All the seats are easy to adjust, move or fold. Applause also because Peugeot has ensured that the retractable luggage cover / cloth / roller cover can be stored in the car itself. They are often too spacious and you have to store them somewhere next to the umbrellas at home in the hallway, where they gather dust. Just like the e-3008, the e-5008 also doesn’t have a trunk, so you have to store the charging cables under the loading floor in the back. Don’t worry if there’s a pile of bags there.

Great place in 7 seater position

We drove comfortably with the 73kWh model from Copenhagen to the east coast of Sweden and used 19.6kWh per 100km. That gives a real-world range of 372km. You might see that as a setback for a car that should be able to cover 502km according to WLTP. But it also means you can drive for two hours on the motorway, then fill up the car with 160kWh and keep going. If you find that still too restrictive, you could go with a bigger battery, but for most people that would be overkill.

The e-5008’s biggest asset is undoubtedly its 7-seater. In fact, you can actually drive 7 adults in this car. The rear passengers sit with their knees slightly raised, but without pressing on the backrest. I can sit behind me in the back seat and then get back there on the back seats. If you want a 7-seater electric car, there’s the Citroën Berlingo from €44,000, the Mercedes EQB from €55,000 and the Kia EV9 from €70,000. Or if a van is more your thing, there’s the VW ID.Buzz for €66,000. With an expected starting price of €50,000, the e-5008 is in a great position. More luxurious, with more range than the Berlingo, more space and equipment for your money than the EQB and much cheaper than the ID.Buzz and EV9.

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Negatives that can be overcome

In my opinion, the biggest criticism of the e-5008 is the lane-keeping assist, which, when driving straight for a long time, requires you to pull hard on the steering wheel to let people know you’re still there, which probably makes people behind you think your passenger is trying to turn the wheel to take over. The lack of a sway bar is annoying, but it can be overcome. The towing weight limit is 1,000kg. That’s not a deal breaker for most, but it is for some.

As a 7-seater electric car, the Peugeot e-5008 is highly recommended. Especially with the 8-year warranty that the French now offer for the electric drive system.

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