June 17, 2024

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In Spain, €0.10 or more is required per ice cube

In Spain, €0.10 or more is required per ice cube

Madrid – We did it earlier written About the shortage of ice cubes in Spain and now entrepreneurs in the field of catering are also starting to demand money for each ice cube. On social media, customers are complaining that they dare ask €0.10 per ice cube, which means the price of ‘café con heelo’ can suddenly become €0.60 more expensive.

In the Status below It concerns a bar customer in Zaragoza who was asked €0.60 for six ice cubes to make two iced coffees, three ice cubes for ‘café con heelo’ with ‘cortado’ and three ice cubes for a cold iced café ‘lech’.

However, this is neither the first time nor the first year that social media users have complained about it. But as strange as it may sound, according to Consumer organizations It is permissible to order a certain quantity for an ice cube provided that it is also mentioned in the price list. It shouldn’t be a surprise then. If so, you have the right to file a complaint about it.

Mostly cases There is an extra per ice cube for a cup of ice cream (café con heelo), but there are also cases where a cold cup of soft drink comes with one ice cube, and if you want more, you have to pay for it.

There are no more ice cubes in Spain, but why is that?

There is a growing shortage of ice cubes in Spain which means that Sangria, Tinto de Verano and other chilled drinks may not contain ice cubes but why is that?


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