June 5, 2023

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Google introduces SDK to enable multi-device app experiences – tablets and phones – news

Google offers an SDK that will enable multi-device app experiences. Thanks to the SDK, application services should be able to work across devices in the future. First comes the SDK for Android phones and tablets, and later comes the SDK for non-Android devices.

Google SDK for Rich multi-device experiences it contains Three APIs that enable cross-device app experiences. These APIs are responsible for detecting nearby devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-high-speed bandwidth, setting up low-latency encrypted connections, authorizing a peer-to-peer connection and forwarding application data to multiple devices.

According to Google, this should allow one app’s current progress to be shared with another device. The user of that other device can open the app and then continue what the original user was doing with that app.

The Rich multi-device experience is an extension of Nearby sharing functions introduced by Google in 2020. It appears that Google used the same terminology before devices could communicate with each other. For example, users must have a Google account and users can select which contacts and apps they can receive app notifications from themselves.

At the moment, only sdk is available in . format Developer preview For Android devices running at least Android 8, but that will change later. Google is also planning to release the SDK for Android Auto, Chrome OS, iOS, and Windows. It is not clear when the introduction of these SDKs will follow.

Multiple rich experiences on Android devices