February 1, 2023

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Greta Thunberg joins protests in Lutzrath, as demonstrators break through a police cordon in the mine shaft

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg visited the West German village of L├╝tzerath on Friday afternoon. She joined the protest of some climate activists who occupied the village in the hope of stopping energy company RWE from opening a lignite mine there. During a protest march, confrontations broke out between the demonstrators and the police.

According to the police, about 10,000 activists took part in a demonstration around the village, and the organization spoke of 35,000 demonstrators. Some demonstrators managed to break through the police cordon around the mine.

The pit where the mine works is dozens of meters deep and there are all kinds of vehicles from the energy company RWE and dozens of security guards. Police stated on Twitter that a number of people had breached the police cordon while in the mine.

According to the correspondent of the Dutch news agency ANB on the spot, there were masked anarchists among the demonstrators who tried to provoke the police. It was also claimed that fireworks were set off at the officers.


On Friday, energy company employees began demolishing homes and cutting down trees. According to the German police, the evacuation of the occupied “brown coal village” is nearing completion.

According to a spokesperson for the Aachen police, some people still have to be removed from the treehouses and two activists are still holed up in a tunnel under the village. In all, the police removed 470 occupiers from the village in the past three days. According to the police, 320 of them went voluntarily, and 150 had to be forced to some extent.

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