December 7, 2023

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Hamilton fails to comply with FIA jewelry rules

Hamilton fails to comply with FIA jewelry rules

Miami’s strictest jewelry rules keep people busy. Seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton doesn’t like strict rules and makes it clear to the FIA ​​motorsports FIA both in word and gesture. So the Brit stands firm in the city of Florida.

Race director Nils Whitich announced yesterday that regulations regarding the wearing of unapproved jewellery, jewelry and underwear have been tightened. Drivers are not allowed to wear jewelry in the cockpit, but they often did not. Therefore, Wittich decided to add the regulations to the mandatory audit. If the driver does not comply with this, this may lead to his disqualification.

Hamilton criticized the regulations earlier during the press conference and indicated he could not take off a number of jewels. A new document from the FIA ​​shows that Hamilton is in fact not complying with the regulations. The twelfth document from the event states that Mercedes cannot confirm that Hamilton is compatible.

20:16 Update: The FIA ​​has announced in a new document that Mercedes has now submitted a fully completed model.

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