May 26, 2024

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Hats off to Belgian Finn Lamertine who won the award...

Hats off to Belgian Finn Lamertine who won the award…


Try it: Drive Koppenberg 133 times in a row. Finn Lammertain can speak for himself. The West Flemish mountain biker rode at least 8,962 vertical meters during the Eversting Challenge.

Vincent van Gensten

The goal is to overcome 8848 altimeters. On the infamous Mount Everest, that is. But by climbing one slope. again and again.

Lamertine wasn’t ready for the test. You have already passed the “Everesting Challenge” on the Kluisberg reels and Mine slag pile in Beringen. Now it’s Koppenberg’s turn. She has been on her bike for at least 18 hours and has climbed the cobblestones of the famous race ramp 133 times.

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“circle round”

“How do my legs feel now? They are so good,” she laughs over the West Flemish vegetarian phone. “It’s already been a year now but I’ve never really gotten out of my comfort zone at Eversting. I never get sad and I’m always near a heart rate of 120 or so. My knees started to play a little bit, but that was it. Well, there were some Difficult moments. But I’d rather fall off my bike than stop.”

Lamertine took a short break every 1,000 metres. “To loosen my body a bit. Landing on those cobblestones like that, it feels really hard. Plus, I had to charge my GPS at regular intervals. I wanted to be ready before dark, but in the end I got a knock.” And I started to swing a little. He didn’t go further. Fortunately I had JELEX With caffeine, it gives you wings when you’re going through a tough time (laughs).”

Despite the timing, Lamertine’s performance had nothing to do with the ongoing cycling world championships.

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“I really wanted to do this during the full moon in June because the nights are so short and lively and there is extra light. But I had a double hernia while preparing. In July and August I had a bad fall while riding an enduro, so that everything turned again to allow my body to heal In September, with the full moon, he finally succeeded.

And why exactly Koppenberg? “It’s been in my head for a year, it’s great Bergsky. Now I have also done all surfaces: asphalt, off-road, cobblestones and rollers. The circle is round.