May 21, 2024

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The Reuzegom process immediately begins with the problem of the procedure, mother sa ... (Antwerp)

The Reuzegom process immediately begins with the problem of the procedure, mother sa … (Antwerp)

At the start of the trial surrounding Sanda Dia’s death, Reuzegommer’s attorney questioned possible relationships between one of the arbitrators and KU Leuven. The court held deliberations, but later refused to rule on the matter. The substantive process will begin on April 22, 2022.

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The substance of the case was not discussed on Friday. It is about an agenda session, during which time limits for completion and, ultimately, a date for the pleading are set. Friday is the first real confrontation between the two giants and the family and relatives of the deceased Sanda Dia. Two giant gums, ‘Restdag’ and ‘Igean’, will appear in court on Friday.

Members of the Reuzegom Student Club are on trial for premeditated murder, intentional administration of poisonous or harmful substances leading to death, administering of toxic substances resulting in inability to work, negligence, as well as violations, spread over three indictments of the Animal Welfare Act. Gaya is also on the side of the bourgeois parties. Among other things, the mouse ended up in a blender for making shank porridge. On Friday, it also became known that the University of Antwerp is engaging a civic party in the process.

Relationships with KU Leuven

During the hearing, Louis de Groot, President Zadji’s attorney, asked to speak. He wanted clarification from the court whether one of the arbitrators involved was affiliated with KULeuven. Which can be a problem, according to De Groote, because his client has been stopped twice by KULeuven. So Master de Groot doubts whether there is an “objective appearance”, as it is legally called.

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It was about Ann Baileux, one of the two evaluators. She is a volunteer at the KU Institute of Criminal Law at the University of Leuven. The KU Leuven website states that Bailleux was affiliated with the institute as a full-time assistant between 2010 and 2017.

The meeting was adjourned for an hour to consider the matter. But when the session resumed, he didn’t say anything about Assessor Bailleux. So the court decided not to pursue the case any further.

medical reports

The lawyer for Rosigum member “Wali”, who was Sanda’s godfather at the time, notes that he wants to call witnesses, especially experts who have seen the medical reports. Earlier, some Giant Gums had already questioned the medical reports. The expert panel then ruled that “appropriate” action was taken in the emergency department on the evening in question. Therefore, the Limburg court did not see any concrete indications to sue the emergency doctor. In addition, the Public Prosecution made proposals to provide the police with the technical side of the file.

On Friday, the court ultimately rejected the prosecutor’s proposal to hear the police about the technical aspect of the investigation. A decision will be made on October 12 on whether to hear witnesses.

The accused face a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The substantive process will begin on April 22, 2022.