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He died 15 months after trying to cross the English Channel with his family. The body was found in Norway- Corriere.it

The body found belonged to a 15-month-old Kurdish child who was trying to cross the channel with his family On the coast of Norway. This was revealed by the Norwegian police who came to the identification through comparative DNA testing. A child named Artin died With four members of his family In October, a boat carrying Kurdish-Iranians sank as they tried to reach Britain from France. The group sailed across Italy after landing on the beach in Bacchia.

Little Artin (photo by BBC)

Achieve state identity Received DNA profile The family was told it was actually Artin, adding the same evidence, and then quoting a police report from qualified experts in the field of forensic science.Oslo University Hospital They were able to retrieve the relevant DNA profiles. Relatives of the family expressed their pain and confusion as they waited to hear what had happened to Artin. Now The baby’s remains will be returned to Iran, To be buried.

The body of Artin It was found on the southern coast of Norway, near the city of Karmoy. The boat he went on Sank on October 27th Last. There are the BBC and the British police Rebuilt the entire trip Passed by the child and his family. The group left From Kurdistan on 7 August 2020 Reached the Iranian and western coasts Turkey. From here he was able to cross the beaches of Italy Ionian path, Uniqueness Russian and Ukrainian smugglers They will occasionally drop off groups of immigrants Between Calabria and Chalento. Today 60 Kurdish refugees arrived during the Buklia and rescue operations Italian Guardia de Finanza 2 arrests Russian kidnappers.

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Art’s family would have liked Reach Dunkirk Camp. They have been since the shipwreck 15 people were rescued, Whose testimony made it possible to reconstruct the entire journey. The path that leads immigrants to challenge crossing the channel From France to Great Britain Very dangerous. In the first week of June, UK police detained about 600 people trying to cross the canal from the canal. In 2020 The total number exceeded 8,000. The London government tried to stop the flow by creating metal barriers. An agreement was reached between France and Great Britain last November Predicts intensification of patrols, using drones at a total cost of மில்லியன் 31 million.

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