February 28, 2024

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He lives.  Fireworks canceled in several cities – Brussels police 'strictly monitor' ban on fireworks for individuals |  Instagram HLN

He lives. Fireworks canceled in several cities – Brussels police 'strictly monitor' ban on fireworks for individuals | Instagram HLN


Fireworks bombs in Ghent and the police search thirty people: “The ball was lost.”

On New Year's Eve at 9:30 p.m., Ghent police searched about 30 people who were throwing bombs.

“We are closely monitoring the situation via cameras so that the ban is adhered to as best as possible everywhere in the city,” said Bart de Kocker, spokesman for the Ghent police.


Fireworks were also canceled in the Netherlands due to bad weather

Not only in our country, but also in the Netherlands, fireworks shows have been canceled due to weather conditions. Fireworks displays in Tilburg, Hilversum, Hoek van Holland and others have been cancelled. Striking: In Tilburg the shows have been moved to Monday.

The fireworks display will continue in Amsterdam's Museumplein for the time being. Local authorities are closely monitoring the weather conditions, “but in principle the show will continue.”


Amazing fireworks from the tallest building in the world

Dubai also welcomed in the New Year, and of course it had to be accompanied by spectacular fireworks. This was launched from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

© Agence France-Presse

© Reuters

7:45 pm

Brussels police strictly enforce the fireworks ban

Brussels Police confirm that individuals are prohibited from setting off fireworks throughout the region this evening. He added: “The police are monitoring this matter closely, and as a result it has been seized.”

The city's fireworks display will continue.


look. Fireworks canceled in several cities: rushing to Antwerp?

Hasselt, Ghent and Ostend canceled their planned fireworks display due to bad weather. There are still explosions in Antwerp: are more people expected there? Check it below:


The Murtasal fire brigade responds to a fire that broke out in a garbage bin on the street

The Mortsel fire brigade was called to put out a small fire in Mechelsesteenweg on Sunday evening.

“It turned out to be a garbage can that caught fire,” says Bart Maes, spokesman for the Minos Police District. “The cause is unknown. It could have been a lit cigarette or firecrackers.”


look. Barely 30 percent of restaurants are open on New Year's Eve


Thailand celebrates the new year

At around 6pm Belgium time, it was Thailand's turn to celebrate the New Year, making for beautiful photos.

Beautiful views along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.
Beautiful views along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. © Agence France-Presse

Fireworks over the Grand Palace in Bangkok.
Fireworks over the Grand Palace in Bangkok. © Reuters


South Korea and China also welcome the New Year

South Korea and China also welcomed the year 2024. In the South Korean capital, Seoul, this was traditionally accompanied by 33 beats.

Tens of thousands of South Koreans gathered around Businjak, a pavilion containing a bell more than 3 meters high. The number 33 is the lucky number in South Korea.

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33 tunes at the Bosingak Pavilion in Seoul ring in the New Year.
33 tunes at the Bosingak Pavilion in Seoul ring in the New Year. © AP

The Chinese celebrate New Year's Eve on a lesser scale, as Chinese New Year does not fall until February 10.

Unlike mainland China, the New Year was celebrated in Hong Kong and Macau. In Hong Kong, tens of thousands of people gathered in Victoria Harbor to watch traditional fireworks.

Fireworks over Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.
Fireworks over Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. © Agence France-Presse

Chinese New Year doesn't fall until February 10, but there's still a bit of celebration in Beijing.
Chinese New Year doesn't fall until February 10, but there's still a bit of celebration in Beijing. © AP

5:30 pm

Where are fireworks canceled at the last minute?

RMI expects winds of 60 to 70 kilometers per hour during the end of the year. To ensure safety, many municipalities in Flanders still have a ban on fireworks.

Find out here which municipalities are taking measures.


look. This is how the Flemish people in Australia celebrate the New Year

The new year has begun in Australia. The year traditionally began with the famous fireworks display on Sydney Harbour. Three hours earlier, a parade was also held there for hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Flemish locals also raised their glasses in celebration of the New Year:


look. New Zealand is celebrating the start of 2024 with a dazzling fireworks display


An additional light show with music by Arno replaces the fireworks at the end of the year in Ostend

There will be no end-of-year fireworks in Ostend tonight. Instead, an additional light show will be held at midnight under the light tunnel on Adolf Buylstraat.

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Kiribati is the first country to welcome the New Year

Kiribati, located in the Pacific Ocean, was the first country in the world to welcome the New Year. It happened at 11 a.m. Belgium time.

The country's population is about 115,000 people, living on 33 islands.

Island nations in the Pacific Ocean are the first to celebrate the New Year. After that, New Zealand and Australia will fly in 2024, followed by Asia and then Europe. North and South America are the last continents where New Year's Eve is held.


New Zealand prepares for the new year

In New Zealand, that's about the same time. The New Year starts there at 12 noon Belgium time. Follow the fireworks display directly above.


Ghent also cancels fireworks

then no. Ghent had his doubts until this morning, but he wouldn't be lighting the New Year's fireworks at Portus Janda tonight. The event was canceled due to forecast winds. There is no alternative.


In Antwerp and Brussels, fireworks continue despite the stormy weather

Despite the stormy weather, the fireworks display continues on Brussels' Ballisenplein and on Antwerp's Scheldt docks. In both cities it is also prohibited to set off fireworks as an individual.


Heavy rain and wind gusts on the last evening of the year

Today, on the last day of the year, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is expecting for the first time several clouds with rain falling from the west.

During the day, it will become temporarily drier off the coast with clear periods. In the afternoon and evening the weather becomes more changeable More rain, which could be locally heavy, possibly accompanied by thunderclaps.

Maximum temperatures range from 5 degrees in the Ardennes Highlands to 10 degrees in Flanders. Winds blow from very strong to sometimes strong locally, veering from south to southwest.

In general, RMI expects: – Wind speed between 60 and 70 km/hHowever, very local wind gusts with speeds between 70 and 80 km/h cannot be ruled out. Inland wind strength ranges from 5 to 6 Beauforts, while on the coast it ranges from 6 to 7 Beauforts.

Read the weather forecast here.