June 8, 2023

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Spain and Portugal get a different regime to cut gas prices |  Abroad

Spain and Portugal get a different regime to cut gas prices | Abroad

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced after the European summit in Brussels that the European Union today allowed Spain and Portugal to take “extraordinary measures” to reduce the price of gas for electricity production to calm social unrest.

“Spain and Portugal have been given special treatment due to their special status. The two countries have an energy mix consisting mainly of renewables with very little connections to the European market,” said Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“The Iberian exception has finally been recognized,” Pedro Sanchez welcomed during a joint press conference with his Portuguese counterpart, Antonio Costa. “As of today, we can take extraordinary measures to lower energy prices,” Sanchez announced.

Spain has been facing a strike by road transport companies since March 14, and since this week also the fishermen have resented. Anger has also spread among farmers who have been hit hard by the rising cost of fertilizer and fuel.

“Next week, we will send proposals to the commission, which has committed to respond to them urgently,” Sanchez said.

With these measures, Europe wants to tackle energy prices

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